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I Make 555 € Every Single Day With Roulette !

Many People Said: "It Isn't Possible"

The Truth Is:

"Making Money With Roulette IS Possible !"

Just like me, You can do it, too! Beat Roulette With Progressive Roulette Strategies! I Did It And Succeded...

Have you ever wondered about the guys who are always lucky, being able to cash out all the money from the casino bank and make more than 1000€ every single evening. The Truth is: I was one of them... And I tell you exactly "How I did it"...


2 Years Before I Was Broke...

Not only did I lost my job, but also my wife left me, taking away my 2 children Jeff and Ann. I felt miserable. At this time I started to play at the casinos. I wanted to feel lucky again... I wanted to get something back, something I truely deserved. Something what every human being deserves: The Feeling of Success.


(This Is Me)

Today I Have More Success And Money As I Ever Thought...

About 12 month later, I felt better than I thought I would ever feel. Together with my friend Mike - the other guy in the picture - we tried and tested hundreds of Progressive Roulette Systems. It took us months of hard work to distinguish the roulette winning systems from the looser systems. But at the end we came to a result: We found a few massively valuable systems to win roulette. And the most important aspect was: All these strategies were stable winning strategies, both short and long term.    

My Dreams Became True!

I succeeded! We had the success of our hard work in our hands. I was about to become rich... And I am sure: We truely deserved it! What we found out is...


"The 2 Most Important Reasons For Success & Winnings Are"

  1. Choose The Right Online Casino
  2. Choose The Right Roulette Winning Strategy

Both is highly important if you really want to win roulette in the longterm. Just choose one of my Progressive Roulette Strategies, which I recommend on this site, and play it at the right Online Casino and you are on the track to success. On you find all the information you need...


1. Choose The Right Online Casino

As I will describe you later more detailly, the 2 main reasons to choose an Online Casino are:

a) They offer a Bonus For Roulette

b) The Roulette Table Limit Is High Enough


a) Both of these important factors lead to One Special Casino: Karamba Casino Casino. Today, 95% of online casinos do only offer a slots bonus or a bonus for other "silly" games where the probability of loosing is very high, compared to other casino games, so that the new player looses his bonus as fast as possible. Of course the casino wants to make money from the players, so most online casinosoffer High Bonuses exclusively for games where the odds are highly in favor of the casino bank. CasinoClub is one of the few casinos which also offers a Signup Bonus for Roulette. 

b) Second reason: The Table Limits. Why the table limits are so important, I will explain to you later in detail! There are a huge number of Online Casinos where the table limits for Roulette are only 300€, way to low if you want to gamble seriously and make money using one of my top winning roulette  strategies. Karamba Casino offers Private Roulette Tables with a Table Limit of 5000€. I haven't seen any other online casino which is offering these high table limits. Therefore I highly recommend:


Download The Karamba Casino Software Today

Important: The Casino Software only works with Microsoft Windows. So if you are using Apple MAC please go to the flash version and sign up directly online. To play with the flash version please click here 


If you really want to make money playing roulette, please make sure that you use CasinoClub. For UK players which unfortunately are not allowed to play at CasinoClub just download this casino: Karamba Casino



2. Choose The Right Gambling Strategy

Progressive Roulette Strategies are Strategies were you either:

  1. Increase the Bet after a win or
  2. Decrease the Bet after a win.


"The best known Progressive Roulette Strategy is the Martingale Strategy"

  1. You start with a bet size of 1€
  2. If you win, you keep your next bet size at 1€
  3. If you lose, you double your next bet size of 1€ to 2€.



Look How You Will Win (You bet 1€  on RED)

  1. RED: You win 2-1=1€  (Revenue: 2€; Cost: "Bet1=1€")
  1. BLACK: You lost, so you double your bet and place a 2 bet on RED ->
  2. RED: Your winning is 4-2-1=1€  (Revenue: 4€; Cost: "Bet1=1€" & "Bet2=2€")


  1. BLACK: You lost & double up your bet and place a 2€ bet on RED ->
  2. BLACK: You lost the 2nd time in a row and therefore you double up your bet and place a 4€ bet on RED  ->
  3. RED: Your winning is 8-4-2-1=1€  (Revenue: 8€; Cost: "Bet1=1€" & "Bet2=2€" & "Bet2=4€")


  1. 3 times BLACK in a row, then at the 4th spin RED comes up ->
  2. You bet 4 times on RED the bet amounts are "1-2-4-8" ->
  3. Your win after the 5th spin is 16€. You earn "16-8-4-2-1=1€(Revenue: 16€; Cost: "Bet1=1€" & "Bet2=2€" & "Bet2=4€" & "Bet3=8€")


  1. etc...


Looks Good, doesn't it?

And in fact this roulette system IS good. Let me proove this to you! What are the probabilities for the events I.-V. which I have shown you above?
  1. 50%
  2. 25%
  3. 12,5%
  4. 7,25%
  5. 3,125%




So What Do We Learn?

We see the "Law Of Great Numbers" in action:

"With every Doubling Up, The Probability That You Lose DECLINES"

...and after a few times of doubling up it approaches zero. So what does that mean for us?: "The Probability Of A Failture In the 5th spin Is only 3,125%".

That means in 97 of 100 times you win the amount of money equals to your FIRST BET (here 1€) after The 5th spin.

"After loosing 4 times in a row you win the 5th spin with a 97% probability"

This is awesome, isn't it? Yes, indeed the Martingale is a Great Online Roulette Strategy to make you winning roulette long term. The Martingale Roulette Strategy is the basic of all Roulette Strategies. But...?

Download the Karamba Casino software now to play roulette and make a lot of money with my roulette system. Click HERE to download the casino.


For UK players which unfortunately are not allowed to play at CasinoClub just download this casino: Karamba Casino



Why Do We Need Another System If The Martingale Works So Well?

One of the main problems of the Martingale Roulette Strategy is the fact, that your bets might become quite large, if the colour you bet on doesn't show up a few times in a row. This might happen casually when you play, although the probability of these long "streaks of one colour" declines with the length of the streak. Therefore you need "room" to double up and this is exactly the explanation why I said above: "Use Online Casinos Which Offer High Table Limits" and suggested you to play at CasinoClub.


But What If You Don't WANT To Double Up So Many Times ?

  The human being is risk aversive, we do not like to take risks and I don't do, too. This is normal and in fact risk aversiveness has many advantages: You don't want to put all your money on one card as you are afraid to loosing all in one spin. Tomorrow you have to pay your rent or you have to buy food at the supermarket so the idea to put all your money on one card is really not the best idea. So what is the solution?



The Solution Is To Stick At The Concept Of Progression But Turn It Down A Little Bit!


The D'Almbert Strategy:

  1. You do not double your bet after you lost the last spin, but increase it slower: You simply increase it by one. When you win you do not bet the starting bet (here 1€), but decrease your last bet. Simple Rule:

  • WIN  -> "Next Bet Amount=Last Bet Amount-1"

  • LOSE -> "Next Bet Amount=Last Bet Amount+1"

  1. You do not make that much money that you would make using the Martingale Strategy, but your risk of placing high bets massively declines. Therefore this roulette strategy is a good start for beginners with a maximum amount of money to play with. E.g. you start with the D'Almbert Strategy and after making 500€ from a 100€ deposit, you switch to the Martingale Strategy to play more agressively.

  2. For more Information go to: The D'Almbert Strategy!


The Labouchere Strategy:

  1. For more Information go to: The Labouchere Strategy!


The Fibonacci Strategy:

  1. For more Information go to: The Fibonacci Strategy!


Top Martingale Variations:

  1. Chapped Martingale Strategy: You chap the number of doubling ups to a certain number. Goal is to lower the risk of high bets which are so high that you feel uncomfortable placing them.

  2. Dynamic Martingale Strategy: You increase the volatility of the Martingale Strategy and therefore reduce your risk of losing the next bet after the next doubling up. This is a great strategy, but a bit difficult for beginners. It's one of the expert strategies. Try it! It can really recommend the dynamic Martingale Strategy and it works very well for me!

  3. Reverse Martingale Strategy: Double after a win, instead of doubling after a lost. Just one interesting variation of the original Martingale Strategy.

  4. Progressive Roulette Strategy: 3 Interesting Martingale Deviations: Betting on Odd/Even as well as Rows using the Martingale Roulette Strategy.

  5. Grand Martingale Strategy: Martingale Deviation which is more aggressive. This variation works very well for aggressive players who want to make a lot of money in a very short time, but risk to bet some high bets.


The Orginal Martingale Strategy:

  1. You get a deeper understanding of the Martingale Strategy here: The Martingale Roulette Strategy



Other Things I Will Show You On This Site

Betting Types Overview:

Overview about all Roulette Betting Types and their probabilities. These are the basics for every professional roulette player and I highly recommend to take a look at this page.

Tips And Tricks:

A Collection Of Tips & Tricks what you can do to massively increase your roulette winning probabilities both online and offline.


Roulette Casino
(CasinoClub Table)



Hear My Story - So Who I Am ?

I already gave you some information about me at the beginning of this page. So who I am...?

My name is Chris Kaas and I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1967. I grew up in a middle class family, but at skool I never had the success my parents wanted me to have. When I was 22 years old, I started my career as a car painter in a small suburb of Munich. I earned about 1600€/month.

That was enough for me, but after I married in 1994 and we got our first child Ann, my problems with money started to grew constantly. I simply didn't make as much as other families, including my friends and I slowly got depressed about it. In the year 1999 my problems increased after my wife had left me because of some other guy who wanted to destroy our life. Shortly after that I also became jobless.

In 2000 I wanted to begin a new life, a life with a better perspective and therefore I searched the internet for Strategies to make me more money. I started to play at the online casinos and within a few month I became a "bonus hunter".

All this bonus hunting started in Sweden and this was really a big thing. I guess I made over 9000€/month from the internet casinos. 2 years after that, in 2003 the casinos started to catch up on us bonus hunters and bonus hunting became more and more difficult untill it was not worth doing it any more at all.

All the success I suddenly had in my life faded away, but just 5 month later I started to study all kinds of Gambling Strategies. Together with my best friend Mike I came up with some great ideas and after month of hard work at the end it became very easy to live from the earnings we made from the casinos.

Today my monthly income is well above the average income of a regular german white collar. In 2007, I and my friend started to build a few websites about online gambling just to help other people who searched for tips how to make money online the and this site is one of the biggest ones. If you want to get more tips for online gambling (including Poker, Baccerat and Craps) and making money from online casinos feel free to contact me any time. Just write to:

[email protected]


Is Lasting Success Making Money From Casinos Possible?


Many People Ask Me If Lasting Success Making Money From Casinos Is Possible? To answer this question:

"Yes, At Least, For Me It Is Possible"

In my opinon many people do not trust, neither their friends, nor themselves. Many people faced bad experiences in their lives so they lost all belief in their inner voices, the inner voice who is leading mankind for thousands of years. But, let's face the truth:

It was the inner voice who created the success of mankind on this planet. And the human being is the most advanced species on this planet! In the today's world of the everyday rat race most people have lost contact to their inner voices and therefore live a life without any success. In my opinion the first step to personal success is to reactivate the trust in yourself, the trust in your inner voice and let go of all stress and everyday hurdles.

But for most people there is a problem: One of the biggest hurdles to success in life is overcoming the social stigmas associated with 'success'. This is closely related to our concepts of money as a root to all 'evil' which we will discover later. These aspects are major barriers that the majority of people simply doesn't notice as a controlling mechanism in their lives.

From my personal point of view, my entire life was surrounded by limiting believes about success and winning, it still is, but my attention to these believes became minimal over the time. In the modern world nearly everyone is familar with concepts such as "only the very good, the very wise or the very lucky" dare dream about a rich and fulfilling life and if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, your are in the minority.

Sounds familiar? We only have to look at businesses, commerce and media to see how we have become deeply entrenched with a sense of lack and insufficience. There are also moral dilemmas we associate with money, and indeed many strategies of obtaining wealth are deemed to be 'not socially responsible'. Therefore I think it is worth to remember that moral codes are nothing more than socially accepted ways of behaving. Too often we accept a lot less than it is available, simply by shutting ourselves in boxes of accepted limiting believes of the mayority. To become really happy in life we have to get out of these boxes as it is our first and only purpose to enjoy every second of life. Open your mind and your perception in order to allow true and lasting success flowing into your life, whatever that success may be. In doing so you will naturally share a spirit of abundance with others, simply as a result of your transformation to expectant and upbeat positivitiy. Give yourself the right of freedom, the right to do what you enjoy doing.  

(Success&Game)   So where does this mindset of freedom and abundance fit in with our game of roulette? Well, we are back to those mental associations and connotations of success through righteous behavior. Because the first hurdle to overcome in developing the "Winning Mind" mentality for any discipline, is to let ourselves of the hook. To stop making judgments of ourselves and others. In order to really grasp our success we have to banish our sense of not being good enough, not being worthy in some way, on not perfoming to the accepted ways. We must continue reinforcing the believes in our right to success, and in doing this placing all contrary believes where they belong, in the mental incinerator. It is not surprising how often worthiness and money are so closely related to one another and how we are our own worst enemies when it comes to creating a life of richness and enjoyment.

Therefore I hope this site will help you to develop the right mental attitude to make you not only the winner at the roulette table, but the winner of your life.

Chris Kaas

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