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The Capped Martingale Strategy is one method of playing roulette wherein the player sets his limit or “cap.” This means that there is a maximum amount that you, as the player, are willing to gamble on.

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There are ways of doing this using the Capped Martingale System. You could choose between a double up, cap of 3, or double up cap of 4.
A double up, cap of 4 would look like this:
1st Bet
: $2.00 Double of 2 would be 4, so your next bet would be:
2nd Bet
: $4.00 Double of 4 would be 8, so you next bet would be:
3rd Bet
: $8.00 Double of 8 would be 16, so your next bet would be:
4th Bet
: $16.00 Since this is a cap of 4 bets, you end it here and start again from your 1st bet, thus going full circle.
The minimum 4x Martingale System is a good alternative for a player who would prefer to play on the conservative side initially because it gives him the boundaries to play with, boundaries that he approved of before he started to play.

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At the same time, the amount that you place on the table will be manageable for you because it is also predetermined. Although there is still the element of risk, it is a figure that will not, and should not, cut your game for you on a single spin.
Some players, if they do not decide on their strategy before going to the table, stand to lose all their money on one spin alone. Having a strategy like the minimum 4x Martingale Roulette
Double System will strengthen your batting average, and lessen your risk.

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The Capped Martingale System still falls under the generally progressive betting concept which simply says that it is possible to have a winning streak even if you don’t win 50% of the time. By betting under a minimum 4x Martingale Roulette System, you have a betting strategy that minimizes your exposure on every spin, and allows you the freedom to enjoy a good run even without always winning. It has to be one of the more fail-safe methods around.
Imagine, you protect your exposure, get to play your game, and win at least 50% of the time! In fact, if you combine the minimum 4x Martingale Roulette System with the Grand Martingale, you can play more aggressively, and manage to avoid the problems of double up in the traditional martingale system.
It’s really a great system to work with especially if you are new to the game. With the minimum 4x Martingale System, you can get your feet wet, earn and win, without too much risk involved. It’s definitely worth a try! See you at the tables!

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