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Bingo Tips



Bingo Tips & Odds

Online bingo has the feel, the rules and the odds of a ‘real’ bingo and a little more. But there are a few advices from experienced players when it comes to playing the game. They have played on the best online casino and reached these conclusions:

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1. When playing online and manually marking your card, make sure that you pay attention. The numbers are called quickly that you might miss marking some numbers. There are sites that have automatic makers, these marks all the called numbers in your cards. You can turn this on and chat with some other players in the site.

2. Choose the sites or the time that have fewer players, this increase your odds at winning. There are some days (and holidays) that people chose not to play, this is when you should take advantage. Mid – weeks are usually when the players opt not to play. There are also some sites are also more popular in other countries, so at their off peak time you should play. Simply put, when they rest, you play and win. The sites are usually giving more bonuses during this time to boost their attractiveness. And since there are fewer players, you have a better chance of getting the bonus.

3. Increase your number of cards. Say, there are only 100 cards in play and you have 10 of them, then you have 10 chances that the right combination is at your ‘hand’. Most players consider having 5 times more cards than average players have. Doing this during big jackpots is also very wise. Anyway, there is no problem of marking all your cards because of some sites’ features.

4. Concentrate on the pattern you are playing at. It is very easy to lose sight of which pattern you are currently playing. You might have solved the pattern (and winning) without even realizing it.

5. Sites that have chat features also throw in bonuses for those who participate. So it is always wise to join chats, beside you can meet new people here. There chat host that ensure that the room’s atmosphere is pleasant.

6. Enjoy. Games’ primary purpose is for players to relieve stress, not to add to it. This is a way to de- stress and still has the chance of increasing your money. So enjoy the game, meet new friends and enjoy.

These few bingo tips can increase your chances of winning so play wisely. But remember that bingo is still a game, responsible gaming is still in play.


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