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Roulette Tips, Tricks & Techniques


Tip 1: The Bankroll Technique

This trick is just basics, but it is extremely effective with roulette:

  1. Your Average Bet Size Should Be 2% Of Your Session Bankroll.

  2. You Determine The Size Bankroll You Want To Commit To The Game.

You might decide you can afford to lose $500. You set a 'loss limit' of $500. On the opposite end of the spectrum you set a reasonable 'upside limit'. Let's say this is $800. In other words, you will be happy winning $300 over your original $500 bankroll. That would be a 60% profit, after all. Play until you hit one of these 2 targets. Then Stop! Your session is over.

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Tip 2: Pick A Table That Gives The Best Odds

Best of all roulette tips: Never play American double-zero roulette! Always play European or French roulette. The reason is simple:

  • The American double-zero roulette has 38 numbers, but pays only 36 units for a single number win. That's a house edge of 5.26%.

  • The European single-zero roulette has 37 numbers and pays 36 units for a single number win. That's a house edge of 2.70%.

  • The French single-zero roulette - also called European Roulette with surrender option, has a house edge on most bets of 2.70%. Except for the even money bets because of the 'en prison' rule: Whenever a zero shows up, all even money bets are 'en prison' until the next spin. In most online casinos, instead of the prison-rule, you will simply get half your money back. This reduces the house edge on even money bets to 1.38%.


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Tip 3: Train Online

There are many great casinos available on the Internet. These are excellent opportunities for you to practice progressive roulette techniques. Try them out before you begin playing roulette in a real casino. I personaly play at CasinoClub, as they give great 100€ Bonuses for new players and their Table Limit (5000€) is extremely high, so you do not risk hitting the table limit. To sign up at CasinoClub...

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Tip 4: Don't Listen To Others

Sometimes other players and even the croupiers will offer advice on how to bet. Don't listen. Don't listen even if the other player seems to be winning.

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Tip 5: Wheels Are Not  Biased

Sometimes you will hear about biased wheels. Casino wheels are carefully constructed, balanced on a regular basis and climate controlled. While it is possible a roulette wheel may warp or go out of balance, it is not likely and if it should happen, it will be quickly caught and repaired. Even if you do find an unbalanced wheel, your wins still will not be assured. Biased wheels, where you can make a killing, are just another urban myth.

There have been a few dedicated players with the patience to spend time "clocking the wheel". Basically this entails recording thousands of consecutive spins of a single wheel in order to determine if there is any kind of mechanical bias that may cause certain numbers to appear more often than others. This normally requires at least two or more players working as a team and monitoring a wheel around the clock for an extended period then analyzing hundreds of recorded spins to find out where the bias lies if indeed there is any bias at all.

There used to be several professional teams that engaged in this activity some of which were pretty successful. Probably the most noted team was a group of 13 players that won around $250000 from a casino in Monte Carlo back in the 1960's. There was even a book written about their exploits entitled "Thirteen Against The Bank". Apparently they recorded spins of several wheels for days on end to determine which ones they wanted to play. Then when they did attack the wheels, they used a Reverse Labouchere. In other words, instead of crossing off numbers in a series when they won, they crossed them off when they lost and added them when they won.

It should be noted that in more recent years, finding a biased wheel has become very difficult indeed. Casinos do regular maintenance on their roulette wheels and check them for any possible bias. Any wheel found not performing according to rigorous standards is immediately replaced. Wheel technology has steadily improved also and today's roulette wheels are remarkably balanced and true. A few years ago mechanical biases were more likely to affect spin results because the frets that separate the numbers were taller. Also, the ball that is most often used today is lighter and has more action than previous versions.

It is estimated that it takes up to 3,700 spins to definitely identify a true bias. Because of the time and effort needed to gather the information coupled with the fact that truly biased wheels are very rare these days, in my opinion, it just isn't practical to search for biased wheels. Few players have the time and patience to log and study that many spins.

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Tip 6: Dealers Cannot Shoot The Ball Wherever They Want It

There are stories about dealers who can consistently put the ball in one area of the wheel through a combination of the way the wheel is spinning and how they shoot the ball. This is theoretically possible, but the only way that it could happen would be under very controlled conditions. The casinos make sure that this is not possible under casino conditions. If it were possible, the risk of dealers being in collusion with their friends would be too great a risk for the casinos to bear.

Similarly, there is also the belief that dealers develop "dealer signature" through constant repetition. Supporters of this idea maintain that dealer spins will begin to group up in certain sections of the wheel or move across the wheel in a discernible fashion. This is supposedly a result of something called "learned muscle response" or "repetitive muscle response". A couple of very expensive roulette techniques are based upon this and even many experts believe this approach has merit. Serious study has been conducted on this topic and the results are that this does not happen. Dealer signature is another gambling myth.

Shallow pockets. The pockets in roulette wheels are shallow. As the ball slows down, it bounces along the side of the wheel. Its forward momentum bounces it from one pocket to another until it slows to the point that it comes to rest in a shallow pocket. This increases the randomness of each spin and its outcome.


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Tip 7: Player's Psychology

  • The Player's Natural Greed For Money: The whole idea of gambling is based on getting something for nothing. All of that money is there, just waiting for you. All you have to do is guess the right numbers on the wheel, right? It sounds simple and is one of the better roulette tips.

  • The Player's Lack Of Self-Discipline: You are on a streak. Your numbers are hitting and have been hitting for the last several spins. Your winnings are already higher than you imagined when you walked into the casino. Luck is on your side. You begin betting a little more on each spin. You are betting higher and winning more. Suddenly that big pile of chips is gone along with the bankroll you brought to the table. Familiar again, right?

  • Know When To Quit: That's one of the best roulette tips. It has been said that it is easy to make money while gambling. The hard part is keeping it. Your technique should give you guidelines about when it is time to quit even when you are winning and especially when you are losing.


To win at roulette, you have to adopt a betting technique and money management technique that will give you two things:

  1. The Greatest Number Of Wins

  2. The Highest Average Payoff With Each Win

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Wherever the ball lands is where it lands. Your job is to develop a betting technique that gives you the highest average return, over time, regardless where it lands on the wheel. To do this you can find a large number of well tested roulette techniques here on this website or check out


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