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Progressive Roulette Systems


The common thread running through progressive roulette systems is to bet in such a fashion that you have a more money bet when you hit a winner than when you hit a loser. These are called "sliding scale" systems. That means you keep betting more when you are in a series of successive losses. Then, when you hit a winner, the win is more than the sum of your losses, giving you a profit. As soon as you win, you begin a series of betting less on each win, with the idea that you will lose less when you take the next loss.

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The most famous Progressive System is the Martingale System. We will explain further deviations of the Martingale System here:


Martingale on Odd and Even + Waiting For The Start Streak

Martingale on Odd or Even Bets (instead on betting on red and black): This is basically the same as the Martingale system, but with one very different factor. You watch the game until a number of even or odd numbers have come up consecutively- such as three straight, before making a bet. Additionally for example if 4 times straight has come up you will bet on even. With this in mind you may want to raise your starting bet from 1$ to 3$ since you get fewer chances to bet - also, you do not leave your original bet when you win. You take it and wait for another streak of even or odd numbers.

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Martingale on 1-18 and 19-36 + Waiting For The Start Streak

Betting 1-18 or 19-36. These bets pay off 1:1 just like bets on red/black or odd/even. However, this is a one time, win or lose system. It has a total of either one or two bets, per time. Again it is a good idea to watch the game until the ball has not landed on either half of the numbers. Then, for example after say 5 straight spins like this, place a larger bet on the 1/2 of the numbers that has not come up for the last 6 spins (As much as you wish to bet - I usually go from 5$ to 25$). If you win, you have won a good sum of money; if you lose, you can do one of two things: Quit and wait for another chance to come up, or place the same bet again plus 1$ (D'Almbert System). If you lose again, take the loss and wait to try it again. If you win this time, you have gotten back your original bet plus 1$.

On good nights I have won four or five straight and four out of five or better. At this point I always quit . . . if I am betting 25$, I may even quit after winning only two or three straight.


The Aggressive Martingale - Betting on Rows

Betting on Rows. This bets pay off 2:1 and the progression is stronger than when you play on red/black or odd/even. Therefore you bet more aggressively. You place a bet on one of the three rows of numbers and if you win you leave your original bet and take the winnings. If you lose, place a bet of the same amount. If you win, you will do the same thing, and will have made up for the previous loss plus some extra. If you lose a third time, double your bet. You may do this as many times as you like, but remember, your bets can grow very high if you are doubling your bets each time!


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