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Types of Online Roulette


Less strategy and tons of luck and some “what does my instinct tell me” are the main ingredients of internet roulette.

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Certainly you can play roulette at a land based casino but you can also make your bets on the internet, in an online casino. American or European type, the roulette entered into many people’s lives as the main and the most popular type of gambling. There are slight differences between the two roulette types, where the European roulette has displayed one zero ‘0’ on its wheel, the American type has what is called ‘double zero’. It is acknowledged that odds for winning are greater whether you choose to play the European roulette, that is, on the single-zero wheels.

Besides these two main types of roulette, you will find three other online variations of the game: the French Roulette, the European Roulette Gold and the Roulette Royale. The first two variations mentioned give you the opportunity to place what is known as “call bets”. These call bets come under more variations, and all have to do with how the numbers are arranged on the wheel that is, each call bet variation is in close relationship with a given sequence of numbers.

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For example, there is the variation called “neighbors of zero” (French, “voisins du zero”), which mean you literally place your bet on the sequence of numbers in the immediate vicinity of zero. These are 17 numbers, counting 8 on the left from the “zero” on the wheel, and 8 to the right. Another call bet you will find as being offered by roulette is the “orphans” (French ‘orphelins’), or “the third” (French “tiers”). You can also meet another kind of bet, called ‘neighbor bet’; as its name suggests, if you for example wish to place a neighbor bet on number 19, you will have to say ‘number 19 and the neighbors by $10’.(the neighbors always means two numbers on each side of the chosen number). This means, you have made a bet of $10 on each of the numbers 32 15 19 4 21 (as numbers are displayed on the wheel sequence), and this practically makes up a $50 bet. The Roulette Royale, as its kingly name suggests has a feature called progressive jackpot, which can bring really high amounts of money as reward. As seen, there are small differences among the five presented online variations of roulette, but these may act as a milestone in which type of roulette you will choose.

Although there are slight differences between the variations of online roulette, nevertheless enjoyment, fun and the tension felt are the same when you are about to place your bet. In order to play online roulette all you have to do is love numbers and register at an online casino room which offers internet roulette. What you have to watch out in the first place is to register only with a licensed site, and which is powered by trustworthy software. Make a quick research on the internet to see what users advise as being the best online roulette room. Beware of giving out personal information, like banking details towards sites you feel you cannot trust. You should feel comfortable in the first place from all points of view when visiting an online casino room. Under no circumstances should you feel all the time stressed, and thinking about whether you have made the right choice or not; after all you are there for fun, and should be in a relaxed mood. Now, after these few highlighted little issues of great importance, it is time to get to the heart of the game. At a first glance the game of roulette might seem the easiest and most ‘convenient’ types of gambling games: did you have a good day and your instincts were right and you bet on the right number and color or any other variation, you won; did you have a bad day, you lost. The types of bets in roulette come to underline how exciting this game actually is.

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The online roulette game can become the same breathtaking experience a land based casino game is. Just as with any other game, whenever the chances of winning are higher, the sum you can win is smaller. So, if you wish to rather win smaller amounts of money, but have the greatest odds of winning, than make your bet on more numbers; while if you are the more adventurous type and you really believe in your lucky star which could bring you a higher amount of money then make your bet on fewer but “good” numbers. To exemplify this, say the sum you have at your disposal to place your bet is $20. If you bet your money on one single number, and the roulette spins in your advantage then you might win $200 just like that, or even more, while if you bet your $20 on let’s say all the black numbers, then you should be lucky if you can win back the sum you placed you bet with. So, you can observe the difference, the more daring you are in online roulette, the more chances for winning you’ve got. You can very easily get caught up in the fever of the wheel, as the moments when the wheel is spinning, and you have already placed your bet, can offer very exciting moments.

As discussed earlier in the article, types of bets and variations are innumerable; the question is how much inspiration you have got as to where to place your bet. If you are truly determined you’ll perhaps bet your money on one single number, which is called a straight-up; if you are half as determined, you’ll perhaps choose a ‘split bet’, where odds are 17 to 1. If you are still not sure, you can make it a bit safer by betting on a square bet which comprises four numbers and these are all known as inside bets. And now going towards the really safe territory, where your odds of winning are higher but you’ll get usually little sums, these are the outside bets. The outside bets are really an encouragement for beginners, so those of you who never played and are afraid of losing higher amounts of money, it is good exercise to place your bets here. You can start by betting on a color, red or black for example, or whether the number will be an even or an odd one, or given entire sequences of numbers such as column bets. So, if you feel ready, think of numbers and let that wheel spin!

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