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Roulette Systems


Roulette is a mechanical game of chance where the player has no direct influence over the outcome. The skill of the player does not come from influencing the mechanics of the game, but rather from manipulating how he or she bets. The player wins by developing a system for anticipating probabilities of where the ball will land and putting a reliable money management system in place.

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What Is A Gambling System?

A gambling system is a betting methodology that requires you to follow it exactly, spin after spin with no deviation. It gives you a set of rules to follow that will minimize the house edge and give you a winning advantage.

It seems like everyone has a system for beating roulette. There are dozens of roulette systems for sale. They are available in books and on video and TV. Many of them do not work over the long run. But there are a few systems that do work. I tried my best to compile a list of working roulette systems which you can learn when you click on the menu "Winning Systems" on the left.

Maybe you want develop your own winning system. If you do so it will be based largely upon your own personality and style and you will surely mix some roulette systems you can find on this site. Armed with the knowledge presented in the "Winning Systems Section" you may well go on to develop your own roulette system. Many successful roulette players have done so.


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Roulette Systems We Explain In Detail:

  - Marginale Systems:
- Chapped Marginale System
- Dynamic Marginale System
- Grand Marginale System
- Reverse Marginale System

- Progressive Systems:
- D'Almbert System
- Labouchere System
- Reverse Laboucere System
- Fibonacci System
- Simple Systems


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