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How To Win Roulette With Tactics


Win Roulette Tactic 1: Money Management Tactics

Now I will show you some simple money management tactics that novice players should use if they want to win roulette. I am sure that your probabilities of winning will highly increase if you are actively using these tactics.

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By incorporating these little tactics to win roulette into your game you can get in, make some bets and get back out a winner. The following are some tips to help you do this.


Win Roulette Tactic  2: Play Surrender

This rule was developed for European Roulette and is used on some tables in America. In Europe it is also known as 'en prison'. It is not so much a tactic for winning as it is a tactic for not losing so much at any one time. If possible, choose a table offering the surrender or en prison rule. When this rule is in play, if the ball lands in the 0 or 00 slots, the bet stays on the table. The following spin determines whether or not you win or lose. This rule applies only to the outside or even money bets and it effectively cuts the casino edge on these bets in half, which, of course is an advantage for you. But how to win roulette?


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Win Roulette Tactic  3: Risk Volatilisation

Bet three chips on red and two chips on the center column (which has the most black). If red comes up on one of the other columns, you win three chips but lose two. If black comes up in the center of the column, you win four chips and lose three. If both center and red come up, you win seven chips. You won't win or lose much with this system, but you keep the volatility down so our risk is relatively low.


Win Roulette Tactic  4: Stay With The Same Inside Bet

If you watch the other players at a roulette table, you will see people who seem to use a scattergun approach to their betting. They scatter chips all over the board. If they make enough bets, they win with apparent frequency. But, they are also losing. An inside bet pays 35:1. It makes more sense to bet three or four numbers and just stay with them. You are not increasing your odds by scattering bets all over the board. In fact, you are actually decreasing them.


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Win Roulette Tactic 5: Avoid The Five Number Line or "Basket" Bet

This bet is different than the five number bet tactic listed above. With this bet, you are betting the five numbers at the top of the board, the 0, 00, 1, 3 and 3. A winning spin pays 6:1. The problem for you with this bet is the odds. They are in the casino's favor. This is the worst bet on the board for the player. The casino's margin is a whopping 7.29%. This compares with 5.26% on the rest of the board. It is a dumb play.

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